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Private lessons:

Judith Townsend is a master of voice instruction. She is both a wealth of knowledge and an emotional rock who helps students overcome fears and insecurities that plague many artists who perform on stage or in public. Judy demystifies the art of singing and helps students learn specific ways to exercise and control their bodies that produce reliable success. She does this by drawing on her lifelong experience singing in the challenging world of opera and classical voice, paired with a detailed understanding of each mechanism in the body that contributes to successful singing. Judy's unique ability to hone in on specific muscles that need strengthening and knowledge of exactly the right exercises to remedy a problem make her a valuable resource for learning or improving any style of singing. 


Judy is one of the most intuitive, effective instructors I have studied with in any field. This is extremely high praise, given that I have taken hundreds of courses for multiple university degrees in both music and engineering. I highly recommend her as a voice instructor and overall wonderful person!  J.S.


I cannot recommend Judith Townsend highly enough as a vocal coach! I have sung in a number of choirs over the years and was a "competent chorister" but never a soloist. Since studying with Judy, I have increased my vocal range, gained a richer, fuller tone, and greatly improved my emotional expressiveness. Every bit of confidence I have as a solo singer was built with Judy's support. A gently nurturing teacher, Judy's keen intuitive sense allows her to understand exactly what a particular student needs each step of the way. Her techniques are highly effective, but more importantly, Judy has the innate ability to look deeply into your soul, thus guiding you to find and unleash your unique voice. I am eternally grateful to Judy; she is simply "the best!" D.M. (attorney, adult)

Judith Townsend has helped me become the singer I didn't know I could be. The tools and techniques you learn, are ones that give you a foundation to sing in all types of styles. C.J., adult

Thank you, Judy for all you've brought out in my voice.  You are unassuming about your part in this miracle - as if it happens every day. Not in my world!  Please take this in the way it is intended with my signature sincerity - without your belief, encouragement and, most of all, love I never would have been able to dig deep into my soul to discover the musicality and incredible beauty waiting to come to the surface. Thank you, thank you.  S.O. (retired graphics designer, adult)

9-year old girl with allergies and injured voice:

We Love and Appreciate Every Thing you have done for our daughter. I can never express how much you have helped her in all that you have done. We really want you to know that you have been pivotal in her life, as well as ours. I can’t thank you enough. I really can’t. D.H.


Thank you, Judy, for all you do to share your own talent and bring out the talent of others. C.E.O. (adult voice student)

Thank you for being so kind to my wife and teaching her piano (when she was 10). You made a big impression on her. T.F.


Vocal Performance Class:

Of all the classes and teachers I've had, you definitely are at the top of the list.  I especially remember when you coached me on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and how you made me actually see Emerald City while I was singing it.  Your instructional technique is masterful. I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. M. R., adult


Pasadena City College Class, Singers, Your Body is Your Instrument

I loved this class. The instructor is clear, organized and knowledgeable. I applied the techniques learned in class and wow! What a difference in my range, resonance and vocal power! Thank you so much, Ms. Townsend, for being an amazing teacher. Your love of music and vocal technique is apparent, as your instruction is passionate, engaged and inspiring. I’m so glad I took this class! L.J.

Thank you for teaching me the vocal technique to help increase my ability to sustain a musical phrase! It was enlightening to realize that learning how to stand could improve my vocal tones. A.T.

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